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    Some fantastic research conducted by J Huff at http://www.learnallthethings.net/blog/2017/3/1/facebook-origins

    What to know when a Facebook profile was created? Their user ID should give a good indication:

    Facebook User ID Account Creation Date

    50048xxxx 9/27/2006
    51656xxxx 12/11/2006
    60038xxxx 12/13/2007
    66377xxxx 1/29/2007
    68354xxxx 2/2/2007
    102800xxxx 2/1/2008
    113941xxxx 12/26/2008
    123414xxxx 1/26/2009
    124999xxxx 2/2/2009
    126996xxxx 1/10/2008
    131217xxxx 1/29/2009
    160779xxxx 12/9/2009
    174017xxxx 12/12/2009
    10000052513xxxx 12/8/2009
    10000054775xxxx 12/7/2009
    10000055600xxxx 12/5/2009
    10000056058xxxx 12/2/2009
    10000056433xxxx 1/1/2010
    10000057823xxxx 12/25/2009
    10000058442xxxx 12/28/2009
    10000058952xxxx 12/27/2009
    10000058999xxxx 12/23/2009
    10000059413xxxx 12/25/2009
    10000059415xxxx 12/22/2009
    10000060484xxxx 12/23/2009
    10000062964xxxx 1/1/2010
    10000063278xxxx 1/14/2010
    10000067576xxxx 1/28/2010
    10000073555xxxx 1/30/2010
    10000167660xxxx 12/11/2010
    10000173753xxxx 12/12/2010
    10000174332xxxx 12/12/2010
    10000179414xxxx 12/10/2010

    What we see in December 2009, between the 8th and the 12th, the Facebook ID numbers changed from a 10 digit format to a 15 digit format. Based on the dates having overlap in the month of December 2009 with both 10 and 15 digit numbers we can’t determine a clean transition date. We can make one major assumption from this data. An account with a 15 digit ID number can NOT be older than December 2009

    Read his article in full at http://www.learnallthethings.net/blog/2017/3/1/facebook-origins

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