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Finding a users location on Grindr, Hornet, Jack’d etc the simple way

So your partner is out again hanging out with his mysterious friend Abigail. You don’t think so though, because Abigail wouldn’t leave those marks on his neck or that unmistakable scent on his clothes every time he comes home. Thankfully your partner has checked into Grindr (or one of the many, many other apps) for a quick update, so you know he is just two miles off. You can’t tell what direction though. That’s where a handy technique called Trilateration comes in. If you paid attention in school you’ll know that trilateration is a cool geometry equation that allows you to to find the position of a fixed point when you only know its distance from you. Bet your math teacher never had this in mind though!

Three circles drawn on a map, showing a targets location
It works by noting how far away your target is from you, then at another location noting it again, and then repeating it a third time at a third location. See the image to the right for a visual example. This process, if done using very accurate information, can potentially reveal a person’s exact location. There are basically two ways to do this on location dating apps. You can either send fake location information to the apps servers several times using some kind of location spoofing software, or you can do it the “manual” way. Yep, that’s actually driving around and checking your app in three totally separate places (or asking your friends to look).

This kind of tracking relies on a couple of fairly obvious things. First, your target must have their distance set to show, otherwise you can’t see how far away they are! Secondly, it relies on them not moving. If they are driving around or even walking while you are trying to pin point them, you’re going to end up with some very funny and hugely inaccurate results.

Read more: http://vervainglobal.com/articles/triangulation.html

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