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The PIToolbox collates the best sites and resources you need to carry out successful online and desk based investigations.

When conducting online investigations, chosen methods and techniques need to adapt on almost a daily basis as technology changes and people find new ways to interact online.  (It wasn’t that long ago when Myspace was considered the number one social networking site everyone had to be on).

One of the biggest obstacles Australian investigators, locators and Analysts face is finding online resources and records which are relevant. We have done the hard work for you – collating the most relevant public registers, resources and tools to help you obtain a successful result.

If you do get stuck – why not seek assistance on our forum?

By becoming a paid member you will gain access to:

Over 350 important sites and resources crucial to carrying out a successful online investigation

All resources carefully laid out over 35 categories

A forum dedicated to the regular updating of important links including subscription databases used by investigators and professionals

Public discussion forum for additional assistance and guidance


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